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GrandAire residential equipment is AHRI-Certified and ensures year-round comfort. We offer a full line of heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces and package units that are built to last and environmentally friendly. No matter what your needs, GrandAire has the right fit for you.

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Apartment Fan Coil – FMA5L
Apartment Fan Coil – FMA5X
Evaporator Coil – WLAM
Evaporator Coil-W5AM
Fan Coil – WBGL
Fan Coil – WBHL
Fan Coil – WCHL
Gas Furnace – 80% WFEL-C* (Low NOx)
Gas Furnace – 80% WFER-C
Gas Furnace – 80% WFET-A* (Low NOx)
Gas Furnace – 95% WFSU-B
Gas Furnace – 96% WFST-A
Gas Furnace – 96% WFSX-B
Package Air Conditioner – WJA4
Package Air Conditioner – WPA4
Package Heat Pump – WJH4
Package Heat Pump – WPH4
Power-V Evaporator coil W5VC
Power-V Evaporator coil W5VM
Single- Stage Heat Pump W5H5S
Single-Stage Heat Pump – W4H5S
Two-Stage Heat Pump – W4H7T